its over 9000!!!

[warning this is a really long post]


well what do you know? after my last post here in this blog about how im loosing my grip on things and almost in the brink of extreme depression something to break my insanity going spiral downwards, something extremely insanely equally if not greater good happened.

to start off, sometime few months ago in the middle of my obsession with Scandal one friend told me Mami-san followed one cute girl on Twitter and so he shared to me who this was so next thing is i also followed that girl (Apricot-san)

After a few days of reading and retweeting her tweets she also followed me back!


So I thought to myself she is very interesting haha. After few more months before i knew it I’m already caught in the fandom and following of Apricot-san

I managed to get in touch with her facebook fan page’s Admins. This page despite not being an official one is a recognized page by apricot and the admins are personally known by her.

By this time i only know apricot as a dancer/Odorite (踊り手)

“Odorite (踊り手) are dancers who upload their dance videos on Nico Nico Douga and post them under the category Odottemita (踊ってみた, lit. tried to dance) which is a sub-category of Yattemita (やってみた). Odorite performs in solo or in groups depending on their liking. y Uploaders append the tag 踊ってみた in the videos to easily categorize them for searching.”


I also found out that she is an underground Idol / 地下アイドル[chika aidoru]

“地下アイドル[chika aidoru] – 地下[chika] means underground, and アイドル[aidoru] means idol. So literally it means an underground idol.

  If you happen to be in Tokyo, just go to the main street in Akihabara on weekend. If you are lucky, you could see such girls or a lot of ヲタ芸師[otageishi]. At any rate, such idols have not made a debut, but they sing or do a photo session. ”

By this time i found out that word around didn’t need any major company anymore since she became popular enough already. (im sort of thankful about this since she is able to interact with fans despite being an IDOL, Something a contracted idol cannot do)

I got driven deeper into fandom haha! I ended up already purchasing her Album!
and this is the time when i first interacted with her

2017-08-23 17.52.50-4.jpg

My tweet is an emoticon that says “i am pleased” or “i am happy” (not sure of the exact meaning but that was what i intended to say when my phone auto-completed my Japanese text on my keypad

and i got a response of her saying she was glad that i liked her album.

this was my first contact with her and I’m hoping to get this album signed when i visit japan next year (apricot’s birthday march 2018)

This year she announced an appearance in Singapore’s STGCC 2017 event, its a sort of cosplay convention. I was really sad that i could not go but this is because I’m holding off the expenses so i can just go to her birthday in japan and that event will be all about her.

I saw in her tweets that she was Selling CD’s with her signature in it~ I was so envious of the people who are in that event…. I sort of asked her FB page’s Admin whom ive grown fond of already by now to buy for me.

he was able to get me a CD!! i was very happy~


He told me that he showed my Twitter Account to apricot and this was her response to the admin

2017-09-09 16.26.15.png


seriously haha i dont know how to even comprehend this feeling it was nuts of course in a good way, however i wasn’t gonna let my feelings go run amok easily so i was holding back a bit

few mins later one friend of mine also a scandal fan Tweeted to me and said


I’m like what? im confused how is this possible? haha and then suddenly came to a realization that this is apricot saying she wanted to meet me. Whatever this means im very happy to comply! Since i already set off my goal to go to japan and watch her on her birthday live.

I really really like her with her bright personality and energetic self. so this puts my Morale way over9000!!!!

So after that very short dark moment i had the other day. Everything looks good moving forward. If I’m lucky even Mami-san (scandal) or MaRia (GarniDelia) might even be present on that party

ive refocused everything thanks to this occurring to me.

I wanna thank Momo-san (apricot’s Admin) and Eric (my SG scandal-fan friend) for also showing my twitter account to apricot and even relaying a message from her to me.

i extremely appreciate the gesture and i hope someday i can repay you guys in an equally kind manner.

Everything is in-sight all i have to do now is earn more money for my funds and prepare everything i need to fly to japan (Visa is somewhat have been said easily accessible now according to some people i talked to)

anyways if you made it this far below my blog post….thank you for reading thru and i hope you enjoyed the long story i just told lol

Id like to share this Latest Guitar Cover i made
its a song by DropDoll Titled “Just My Way”


Thank you again! i greatly appreciate everything thats happened. please also sub to my channel ٩( ‘ω’ )و


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